Tips for Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step for parents and children alike.  For parents it is a sign that their little baby is growing up and heading out into the world; for children it means beginning a new stage in their lives that they have only heard about and may not fully understand.

For children who have not participated in a daycare program or haven’t had the chance to socialize with children of their own age on a regular basis, starting kindergarten can be a traumatic event.  But if you follow some of these guidelines you will help prepare them for the amazing adventure that awaits them!

  • Improve Your Child’s Social Life – During the school day your child will have to interact with other children, this includes participating in classroom activities and sharing toys.  To help prepare them for this you may want to consider enrolling your child for a few hours a day in a preschool program.  This will help learn how to adapt to this type of interaction and they will feel more comfortable when faced with these activities in kindergarten.  If your child has already been enrolled in a daycare of preschool they are more than likely familiar with this type of activity and will easily adapt once they begin kindergarten.
  • Work on Your Child’s Self Awareness – In addition to learning how to interact with children in a classroom setting, it is important that your child is also aware of themselves.  To help increase your child’s level of self-awareness you should help them learn how to correctly spell their name, memorize their address and phone number.  They should also be familiar with the names of body parts, this way when the subject comes up in class they are familiar with the information that the teacher is asking of them.
  • Teach Your Child Throughout The Day – This task can easily be done by helping your child learn their letters and numbers.  You can work this into your daily tasks, such as folding laundry or buying groceries.  There are many different ways that you can incorporate numbers and letters into most of your daily activities.  Making this learning process fun for your child will help them see that learning can be fun and enjoyable.

By implementing a few of these tips into your everyday routine you will help prepare your child to enter kindergarten.  The more prepared your child is when they walk in that classroom door the first day, the more comfortable they will feel with the whole process.