Why Piano Lessons Can Be Beneficial To Children

Every parent dreams of having a child who can perfectly play a piece from Beethoven or Mozart, there are other benefits that come along with the training.  It has been shown that learning piano can help your child in other areas as well.  Learning how to play the piano will not only improve your child’s musical ability it will also help them in school.

There have been many studies done that show that children who learn how to play an instrument when they are young tend to score higher on standard and spatial cognitive development tests.  Recent studies have also shown that children, who play piano, tend to score higher in math.

In addition to helping children in school, learning how to play piano can also help raise their level of self-esteem.  Because of the steady level of growth when learning how to play the piano, a child achieves a higher level of self-esteem every time they master a new piece.  It also shows children how to maintain a positive outlook when faced with difficult tasks.

Children who learn the piano also develop a greater sense of patience which will help them approach difficult tasks with confidence and not become frustrated when they do not meet their goals on their first attempt.

Children who learn how to play the piano also have a higher level of eye-hand coordination.  They have also been shown to have an improved level of fine motor skills.  This is partly due to the fact that playing the piano requires the child to use both of their hands at different rates.  These factors combined help increase the overall dexterity and complex thought processes of the child.

Along with an improved level of eye-hand coordination, children who learn the piano have also been shown to be able to concentrate on tasks better.  Learning how to read a piece of music and translating that piece into notes and rhythms requires a child to concentrate on a higher level than a child who isn’t studying piano.  Being able to read and play music requires a child to think both critically and creatively, which can help solve problems better as they age.

Any child who learns how to play the piano will not only be rewarded with a talent that many of us will envy, they will also benefit in many other ways as well.  Learning how to play the piano is a great skill that many children will learn to appreciate as they grow older.