Little University Testimonials

We always appreciate hearing the nice comments our parents tell us about all of our amazing staff at Little University Child Care Center and hope you do too! 

As a Grandmother, I must admit, when Tyler’s mom said she was sending Tyler to Little University, I was very skeptical. I had never heard of it and have lived in Buffalo Grove for over 30 years. Tyler was not happy at the other day care center and I new he really needed a change. Well I must say, it has been the best decision made for him.

The curriculum is outstanding. If I could give it a gold star for excellence, I would. The 4 year old curriculum prepared Tyler for Kindergarten. You don’t get this type of teaching at the other “franchise” child care centers. He now loves to do math problems and is actually exceeding in it. Along with the curriculum, the social skills they teach the children far out weighs what Tyler was getting at the other center.

The relationships and understanding between teachers, student and parents has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Ms. Mindy and to your staff!

Catherine Verschelden
Grandmother of Tyler Verschelden

I can’t say enough good things about Little University!

We are new to this neighborhood, and we were looking for a place with a caring and loving atmosphere, as well as with high academic standards. I am a stay at home Mom and we enrolled our toddler to the part time program, so he can socialize and make new friends.

My toddler loves to read books and is familiar with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. We were looking for a place where he can continue succeeding academically, as well as improving his communication skills.  I was surprised to find out that in some child cares they just start introducing ABC song at the three year old groups. However, in Little University they are already teaching toddlers how to count to thirty, introducing them to the seasons, months and days, and teaching them a second language!

The owner is very educated, experienced, nice, and straight forward; also she is very flexible with our schedule. I was very pleased to notice that she knows every child individually, and is always eager to address parents concerns, share her experience, and give recommendations.

I would highly recommend Little University for parents who are looking for a child care center with advanced academic curriculum’s and individual approaches.

Cholponai Nazarova (Dastan’s Mom 🙂 )

When we moved to Arlington Heights a year and half year ago, we were seeking day care/ pre-school for our energetic and curious four year old, who needed challenge and activity all day long. From the point of our work schedules, we were looking for a place that was open most days of the year and had working hours slightly past 6:00pm. Our son started going to Little University after we toured the centre and met the teachers and staff.

The school has three playgrounds to cater to the “wild – side”. For the intellectual side Armaan has had teachers who are enthusiastic and pay a lot of individual attention. He was already learning to write, read and solve math problems before he entered kindergarten this year. As a bonus, we were pleasantly surprised to know that our picky eater enjoyed the lunch menu at Little University.

During the last one year, we have had a good experience with the staff and mostly our son is always excited to go to school. We would highly recommend Little University to other parents with preschoolers.

Parents of Armaan

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